Based on our practical and theoretical research we would like to share the following road map with all roof top gardening and farming enthusiasts:

  • Identify the roof with good sun exposure
  • Consider safe access, structural integrity, waterproofing and proximity to a water source
  • Make a budget
  • Conduct structural analysis
  • Consider types of plants to grow, depth of growth medium
  • Design your system and apply for permits
  • Construct proper access, planters and start growing!
  • Share your experience with other homeowners.

One response to “Process

  1. collin castore

    I currently own a restaurant and am in the process of starting a brewery in a transitional urban area of Columbus Ohio. The building itself is 5500 sq ft and has a flat roof that would be perfect for a non-profit community garden to give back to the surrounding neighborhood. We have contacted several local organizations and are trying to find out more facts about the best way to go about this as no one has attempted a project like this in Columbus as of yet. The reports and the blogs on this site are a great starting point. Please call or email back with more information at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,
    Collin Castore

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