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PROOF 2012 Planting Plan

PROOF 2012 Planting Plan

Check out this amazing planting plan designed by PROOF volunteer Karena Thurston. This plan is designed for our prototype planter located on 51st street. It’s organized according to height with shortest plants at the south edge and tallest plants at the north edge, and also includes marigolds to attract pollinators.

Last weekend PROOF volunteers got about half of the plantings done, and we will be finishing up mixing the soil blend and planting out the beds this Sunday – send me an email at if you are interested in helping out!

PROOF participates in Tactical Urbanism Salon!

This coming week one of our delightful members, Nissa Eisenberg, will be making a Pecha Kucha presentation on Philadelphia Rooftop Farm and rooftop farming in general. Pecha Kucha is a presentation style that consists of multiple speakers showing a set number of slides for a short period of time, keeping the presentations concise and fast-paced. It should be really fun!

 Tactical Urbanism Salon on April 28, from 1-6pm at the Storefront for Urban Innovation (2816 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA). The event is being held by National American City, a national urban planning magazine.  
For more information on the event go to:, and for more information about what “tactical urbanism” is, try 
Space is filling up fast, so please RSVP at: . Thanks!