Welcome to the Philadelphia Rooftop Farm blog! The Philadelphia Rooftop Farm (PRooF) is an effort to transform Philadelphia’s hundreds of thousands of flat roofs — residential and commercial — into viable organic farmland. We are a nonprofit volunteer group under the fiscal sponsorship of the New Society Educational Foundation. Philadelphia Rooftop Farm aims to be a resource for homeowners and groups to learn more about installing their own rooftop farms.
We will use this space to provide updates throughout the 2012 planning-conceiving-experimenting growing season.

For more information please contact Jay at jay@fundamentalchange.net, 215-913-2679.

2 responses to “About

  1. i’ve been farming on my roof and want to help spread the knowledge, learn new things, and generally be involved in thecommunity.

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know we started a new feature at rooftopgarden dot com. The feature is called Real People with Rooftop Gardens. If you want to be a feature story, just send us your story and some awesome pictures and/or video to me. Reach out to me through our LinkedIn group Rooftop Gardening or just search and find me. I would love to feature some great urban food gardens as a feature story and link back to your blog or company or whatever you want to promote!!
    ~RoofTopGarden.com Team

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