April 15t: “Meet the Planter” and PROOF meeting

Greetings from the Philadelphia Rooftop Farm! We hope things are going well for you, your family and your community.

We know PROOF may not have been in touch for a while, but after a bit of hibernation we want to reach out again, say hi and let you know we’re getting ready to accomplish some good things in 2012.

This Sunday, April 15th, join PROOF, the Philadelphia Rooftop Farm (http://www.philadelphiarooftopfarm.org), for two friendly and fun happenings to kick off the growing season:

SUNDAY, APRIL 15th, 3pm: “Meet the Planter”–817 South 51st Street (51st near Pentridge in West Philly)
In 2011 Come to West Philadelphia and meet the test planter PROOF built last summer. We’ll introduce you to the elements of the planter and then, if all goes as planned, FINISH MIXING THE GROWING MEDIUM and even PLANT SEEDS and/or SEEDLINGS IN THERE. There’s not much room to work up on the roof where we have the test planter, but we hope, if you want, you’ll be able to get your hands dirty. ** Please RSVP to Alice Edgerton–alice@philadelphiarooftopfarm.org.**

SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 6pm, PROOF MONTHLY MEETING–50th St. and Baltimore Ave.
The first of what is going to be PROOF’s regularly scheduled monthly meetings will take place in West Philadelphia on Sunday, April 15th at 6pm, at the Philadelphia Acupuncture Cooperative, 50th & Baltimore Aves. (top floor, above the Satellite and Dock Street)

. We have a lot of great stuff to do at this meeting! We’re going to do things like:

— develop a system for maintaining our test planter throughout the growing season
— determine the interest in and logistics for an active collaboration with Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm
— start working on the practicalities of recruiting owners with flat rooms for a proposed 5 roof pilot program
— start to plan PROOF events throughout the summer

So, come on Sunday the 15th to meet the planter, and maybe plant it a bit yourself, then be ready for a meeting that will inspire you to share your talents with PROOF and become part of the organization as we start to accomplish great things. See you there!

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