PROOF and the CDC

Hi rooftop farmers! (Wow, I haven’t posted for a long time. Happy new year…)

For the last few months PROOF has been working closely with a team from the Community Design Collaborative to develop planter designs for the 2010 growing season. The CDC is a volunteer-based community design center that provides pro bono preliminary design services to nonprofit organizations like PROOF. The CDC’s team is composed of architects, a roofing consultant, a structural engineer, a landscape designer and a cost estimator…awesome.

PROOF has also been working hard on our own planter designs, coming up with planting schemes for the upcoming year and thinking hard about materials and costs. Along with the CDC, we’ve met with Philadelphia city officials — nice people from the Office of Sustainability, the Planning Commission, the Parks Department and the Water Department — to figure out intricate code and zoning issues relating to rooftop farming.

Will PROOF be able to plant farms on 10 roofs in the 2010 growing season as projected…? We’re working on it. We’re trying to overcome code, zoning, structural and other barriers to make something good happen.

On Sunday, February 7, from 4-6pm at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia (tentative date and time), PROOF will meet with the CDC and rooftop farming stakeholders from the community to discuss the CDC’s findings and figure out next steps. Want to join us? E-mail me, Jay, at “”.


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