Some rooftop farming background

I just posted a brief FAQ about what being a PROOF “farm host” for 2010 will entail. Of course the most important question is, “Does farming on rooftops work?” The answer…we sure as heck hope so! In addition to the fact that Nelson Mandela farmed a rooftop pretty successfully when he was in prison, and that rooftop farming has become enough of “a thing” that it recently was featured in a rooftop farming article in the New York Times, a few recent rooftop farming projects have popped up to show us it can be done. For example (all these links will open in a new tab or window):

— Check out the world’s first Rooftop CSA (as far as we know), built and farmed by Erik in Milwaukee.

— There is a rocking rooftop farming project in Chicago.

— Community organizations have been successfully farming rooftops in Montreal for years.

— This edible green roof in Brooklyn is amazing. (PROOF will be growing in planters rather than in green roof material, but this farm is still really great.)

— Some companies like Sky Vegetables have been growing on rooftops on a large scale by installing greenhouses and other great systems.

— There are also a few small for-profit ventures like My Farm in Berkeley that build farms in people’s backyards, much like PROOF wants to do on Philly rooftops.

Also, you can find great rooftop farming and other urban agriculture information at’s rooftop gardening page,’s guide to setting up your own edible rooftop garden, and’s International Rooftop Gardening Projects page.

Let us know if you find any more inspiring links.


One response to “Some rooftop farming background

  1. So.. I tried using giant burlap bags instead of pots on my rooftop. It would work great except after the rain the bottoms of the bags gave out. I’m thinking about doubling up the bags or putting a trash bag as a second one. Anyway, keep up the good work. I know you’ll find success!

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